Droolie Teething bib/scarf Dinosaur Print

Droolie Teething bib/scarf Dinosaur Print
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  • Manufacturer: BABY GIFTS
INVENTED by Passport Baby Owner Melissa Atherholt in 2001, this FABULOUS NEW PRODUCT is sure to be a hit! Aren't you tired of taking your baby out in a regular bib? Droolies are cute, fashionable, VERY practical and completely absorbent! No more changing baby's outfit 3 times a day! Droolies make learning to use a sippy cup a "dry" experience! : ) Droolies are also beneficial for many special needs children so they can stay dry without wearing bibs. 100% cotton prints with either sherpa or cotton chenille backing. Droolies designs are legally protected 2001-2020, Passport Baby LLC. Droolies is a trademark of Passport Baby LLC 2001-2020.
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