Kindersack SIZING INFO

Kindersack SIZING INFO
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For safety reasons, this is one product that you can not buy larger in order to wear longer. Choose the right size for your baby. Most kindersacks will last long enough to be a good value. We took a huge amount of time to come up with the sizing structure that will best fit babies and you can understand the numbers. We decided not to have a size in between 3-9 months and 9-24 months because the main difference is the length - slight difference around the chest, but not so much that it is a safety issue and we felt that a 9-14 month size was not a good value. Our babies wear/wore kindersacks and still do! Passport Baby owner's youngest daughter is now 4 1/2 years old (still squeezing into the 2-3 year size) but will be moving to the 3-6 year size (we may change that size to be called 4-6 year) since it is truly super huge! ! ! Please email with any questions. We're happy to help you. Passport Baby Size Height Euro Size/ACTUAL length 1-3 months up to 26" 60cm/27" 3-9 months up to 30" 70cm/28" 9-24months up to 36" 90cm/36" 2-3 years up to 44" 110cm/40" 3-6 years up to 56" 130cm/51" TIPS FROM OUR CUSTOMERS: I use TWO kindersacks for extra cold nights - I put my baby in a 9-24 month quilted size first and then a 2-3 year size over that and it works great! Keeps baby very warm!
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